I’m Lorenc Berisha, a driven filmmaker from Hamburg who is passionate about telling stories that challenge the viewer's perception of reality. I’m 18 years old, and already developed a unique style of storytelling that is both thought-provoking and visually stunning. I want that my films in the future explore a wide range of themes and subjects, from love and loss to the human condition and the complexities of the world we live in.

I believe that the best stories are those that challenge the audience to see the world from different perspectives, and my strive to create films that inspire people to think critically and question their assumptions. I am constantly seeking out new ways to push the boundaries of my craft, experimenting with different techniques and technologies to create films that are truly innovative and groundbreaking.

Despite my young age, i want achieve a deal of success as a filmmaker.  I’m dedicated to my craft and committed to using my talents to make a positive impact on the world. My inspiration in filmmaking are: Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese and for sure Quentin Tarantino.
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